Signature Beautification Projects

The McKinney Garden Club is partnering with the McKinney Parks Department on the design and construction of a wooden bridge to cross a creek in Finch Park toward the gazebo, near our Lovejoy Memorial Garden. Plans also include planting daffodils among the trees we planted there many years ago. The Garden Club will also provide the designs for every median and park that we plant.  We are creating and planting new beds in thoroughfare medians and parks.

Begin an ongoing program of the mass planting of bulbs. The project proposal calls for a first planting of 9000 Bulbs. Daffodils, Pink Indian Hawthorne, and Pink Dwarf Day lilies will be used. There will be some beds where we are also planting Black Eyed Susans for contrast with pink or lavender crepes. The plantings will be spread across the City in prepared median beds on major thoroughfares and woodland areas that are not mowed in City Parks. As we go forward we will be looking for places where we can plant Pink Carpet Roses, our own symbol.

This project, will be funded by the McKinney Garden Club and a matching grant from McKinney Community Development Corporation, (MCDC).

The prominent colors of these plantings would be yellow and hot pink.  This look would become a Signature for future Garden Club plantings and these colors are in keeping with the colors to be used at 121 and 75 and the landscaping of State Highway 75, as the new construction is completed. Our legacy of beautification will grow again.