About Us: Growing Strong Since 1930

The McKinney Garden Club was organized by Mrs. J. L. Lovejoy and a group of local women in October, 1930. The purpose of the Club is to promote an interest in gardens, their designs and management, and to encourage and help with civic plantings.

Among the special civic projects the Club has supported over the years were the Collin McKinney Pioneer Home, the McKinney Library grounds, City Park, the Chestnut Square Gardens, and the Heard-Craig House Gardens. Today’s members remain dedicated to the original purpose of the Club – civic improvement and beautification.

The Club meets at 11:30 on second Tuesdays from September through May. Informative meetings with a scheduled guest speaker and program are held at 306 N. Church Street Auditorium.┬áSee a list of our upcoming meetings by pressing the “Upcoming Meetings” button located on the upper right side of this page.

Visitors and guests are always welcome!